Thursday, July 18, 2013

*INTRO* The World This Week

Due to the latent infrequency of my writing style, I have chosen to stay away from any grandiose pieces of opinion for the present and would instead like to establish some less ambitious pieces that I will update on a weekly basis.  This will be the first.
Geopolitics - or, even just intimate knowledge of current events beyond our borders -  is not our country's strong suit ... not by a long shot.  However, such ignorance will not do us any favors.  This world of humans that we live in is a like a vast expanse of windswept sand dunes, forever shifting and moving - sometimes in radically unexpected ways.  Keeping oneself from being smothered requires constant vigilance.  All the great geopoliticians, from Justinian to Von Bismark, intimately understood this vigilance and never ceased to keep themselves constantly informed.
Each story will accompany a brief assesment of mine, however, please don't let that stop you from forming your own.  I hold no monopoly on world affairs - I simply tend to have far more knowledge at my disposal.  Please feel free to discuss below.  I am not sure which day of the week I will publish these, but most likely either Thursdays or Fridays.

Chairman of Joint Chiefs Announces "Consideration of US Military Force" In Syria:
In short, the Washington elite have been following the exact same script that sent us into Iraq in 2003 with the current civil war raging between the loyalist forces of Bashar Assad and the foreign jihadist mercenaries backed by NATO.  What is truly unnerving with this entire situation is the careless duplicity the US and NATO have displayed in their desperate zeal to remove the only Shi'ite supporter of Iran in the Levant.  Although Assad's Syria has often served as a harbor for various Iranian-backed terrorist groups (a source of constant conflict with Israel), one has to question the wisdom of replacing a relatively stable regime like Assad's with the chaos brought by foreign Sunni jihadist radicals - many of whom were the same men responsible for sending hundreds of young Americans home from Iraq and Afghanistan in flag-draped coffins.
The fact that the US and NATO have been funding and arming Al-Qaeda operatives in Libya and Syria is beyond debate now.  So much for the "War on Terror."  Also, Washington's adamant desire to oust Assad is woefully oblivious to the larger geopolitical consequences of such an action - namely, a proxy war with Assad's committed allies, Iran and the Russian Federation.  The Russians, in particular, have next to no patience left with NATO meddling in the Middle East.  Moscow has consistently sought to maintain the secular nationalist Arab regimes and, under the guise of the Washington-crafted "Arab Spring," these regimes have all but been wiped out.  An open proxy war with Russia would most likely turn into a ruthless quagmire for any US forces deployed to Syria, especially when one considers Russia's sudden military rejuvenation under the Putin reign.  More to follow on this.

Putin Praises Russian Forces For Participation In Largest Military Drill Since End of Cold War:
The resurrection of the Russian Federation under the Putin regime has truly been perhaps the greatest unsung act of political genius in the 21st Century.  Prior to Putin's arrival, post-Soviet Russia was a disaster - a cesspool of social decay fueled by drugs and Western consumerism and lorded over by a cabal of corporate gangsters known as "the Oligarchs."  Today, Russian power is once again a force to be reckoned with and Moscow, backed by a populace rejuvenated with the old-style nationalism and a military that has regained much of its former strength, has become a strong challenging voice against what it has always perceived as American-led global hegemony.  It is a voice Washington can no longer afford to ignore.
By seemingly entering into an alliance of convenience with the budding (and unequivocally anti-American) superpower rising out of China, Russia is now in a strategic position that could offer substantial resistance to post-Cold War NATO hegemony.  This is coming to a head in the current situation in Syria.  Moscow has always maintained close relations with the more secular Arab regimes - mostly due to the US' traditional alignment with the Zionist state of Israel.  What could cause that conflict to escalate rapidly is if the US insists (at Israel's behest) on dismantling the Assad regime and depriving Moscow of her last remaining ally in the Levant (not to mention the only permanent Russian naval port in the Mediterranean).  Most policy makers in Washington seem to be oblivious to the advanced state of readiness of Russian military capabilities - and their belligerent posture.  On at least three occasions, Russian TU-95 "Bear" strategic bombers have flown into US airspace and simulated attack runs - one in which the aircraft were reported to be carrying tactical nuclear weaponry within 120 miles of Anderson Air Force base in Guam (a story that virtually went unreported in the US media).  More immediately threatening is Russia's ability to wage a proxy war against the US should we invade Syria.  We may be able to walk in whenever we please, but Putin - in classic KGB fashion - will ensure we pay dearly for however long we stay.

Pres. Obama Threatens to Cancel Russian Visit Over Snowden Asylum:
Although the Snowden leaks concerning PRISM and the unconstitutional domestic electronic surveillance by the Federal government against US citizens may seem like more of domestic issue, the geopolitical implications of potential foreign asylum for such a character are enormous.  Something many Americans at home are oblivious to is that, for the past several decades, world opinion of the US has been sinking rapidly - especially amongst the developing nations.  Our cultural and corporate imperialism, coupled with our haphazard and disingenuous foreign policy, has severely (if not irreparably) tarnished the American global image.  As a consequence, many of them have found new friends in the vocally anti-American superpowers of Russia and China.  Neither of these powers would, for a second, waste a chance to exploit an opportunity that would help them sell an image of a US hypocrisy to their followers in the Third World.  Also, drawing from my own knowledge of Russian intelligence affairs, I can guarantee you that Edward Snowden has already prepared himself to hand over any and all material concerning Federal domestic surveillance.  He'd be a fool not to - countries don't offer asylum out of the goodness of their hearts.  It will be extremely interesting to see how this drama will proceed.  Either way, Moscow will get what it needs from him and the US will find it has even less international credibility than before.

Until next week.

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  1. "Most policy makers in Washington seem to be oblivious to the advanced state of readiness of Russian military capabilities - and their belligerent posture."

    Do you really believe they are oblivious? Is it not possible they know exactly of Russia's capabilities? Is it not possible that this is all a stratagem against the foundational Capitalism of the ruins of America, to ensure these politicians' own personal financial comfort and satisfaction?