Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"And So the Legend Begins ..."

To be perfectly honest, I never actually saw myself doing this.


I didn't even really know exactly what blogging was until about a week ago when about a half dozen or so of you lot literally begged me to do it.  I never really thought that my belligerent (and, at times, mentally unstable) denunciations of all things modern and "progressive" were that well received.  It seems I was wrong.  Not that I do this for public opinion ... those who really know me can readily attest to my seemingly sociopathic tendency of not giving a damn what anyone thinks of me or my opinions.  Just to get off on an honest footing here - I still don't.  You can accuse me of a lot of things, but inconsistency isn't one of them.  Neither is dishonesty - two traits sadly abundant in our era of "good feelings" ... the "Century of the Self" as one man called it.
What you will generally find here will seem scattered, to say the least.  I have several passions - vastly different from each other on the surface.  Commentary on current political and social events will ride alongside treatises on strategic theory and Medieval history.  However, it is the underlying theme that will connect them all ... as those savvy enough to see it will realize.
We live in an age in which a few dreamers arrogantly demand worship from the rest of us of the idol they fashioned themselves - the Idol of Modernity.  An Idol that only possesses life inside their own twisted and tragic minds.  We live in age in which the vast expanse of millennia of human experience is flippantly dismissed as inferior to a collection of pet political and social causes that are as barren and impotent as those who adhere to them.  An age that deifies the Individual, even if that Individual chooses utter ruin for himself and those around him.  An age where chivalry, honor, and courage are openly mocked by the weak who (rightly) fear such actions.  An age in which morality must give way to personal desires and where the Truth Himself must bow to self-gratification.
In an age such as this, the Christian has only only one duty - to stand.
It was for times such as these that we were made.  Imperfect as we all are, our mission remains the same.  How can we remain silent and stand by when we swore oaths to a Faith bought for us by the Blood of the First Cause of All Causes and carried along by the blood of countless brothers and sisters who died "in the ranks" for it - to use the words of one who sought (and failed) to crush it.  A Faith that withstood two millennia of empires, dark ages, hordes, kings, prophets, heretics, revolutions, wars, nation-states, corruption, secularism, and - perhaps the worst and most pervasive of them all - fallen human nature.  Shall we fail Her now?  I say no.
Many could accuse me of an inordinate obsession with the past.  My only response is that, unlike what you will hear from the loud voices shrieking for "progress," perhaps our past has much to teach us for our present.  There was once a time in the happy West when a cause meant more than oneself.  A time when heroes were real, and often died knowing their stand would end in defeat.  A time when men took up arms and charged into the nightmarish hell of combat for God or for the families they loved and left behind.  A time when lines were held to the last man and the dead bore smiles on their cold faces.  A time when a soldier looked at God Himself and said, "Domine, non sum dignus ..."  Forgive me if I seem to find the past vastly more inspiring than our rather disappointing present.
And so it begins - with no other outlet for my literary madness, I seriously had begun to worry.  You will find many things on this forum, but an apology will never be one of them.  Love me, hate me, or quit wasting my time.  Enjoy the show.

Deus Vult!


  1. You'll be an excellent blogger.

    Buckle up though, it's going to be a wild ride.

  2. I guess I wasn't the only one thinking of seat belts by the end of this post.

  3. I'd like your comment Matt, but I can't. Great minds think alike, apparently.


  4. And here I was thinking it was more like a series of eight-second rides, with no real cushion or protection from impact.

    Looking forward to reading your rants... truly.